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Book Launch - Second Edition

A Tradition of Excellence – Airshow alumni that joined hundreds of spectators to welcome the 2007 Snowbirds to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum In Hamilton on August 28th for the launch of former Snowbird Commander Dan Dempsey’s second edition on the history of Canadian airshow teams.

L to R, Kneeling -  MCpl Tim Collis, Sgt Marlene Shillingford (Crew Chief), Cpl John Pietrzak, Cpl Kevin Spooner, Pte Lance Burgess, Cpl Shawn Murphy, SB5 Capt Denis Beaumont. Standing – Syd Burrows (Fireballs 1954), Dan Dempsey (SBs 1989-1990, 1980-1981, Vikings 1979), Fern Villeneuve (Golden Hawks 1959-1960, 431(F) Sqn Team 1954, 441(F) Sqn Team 1953), Denis Mercier (SBs 1980-1981), SB2 Capt Paul Couillard, Laurie Illingworth (SBs 1971, 1973), Jacquie Perrin (Honorary Snowbird), SB4 Capt Dave Boudreau, Greg Bruneau (SBs 1973-1974), Rich Lancaster (SBs 1990-1991, Hornet Solo1989), Dan McLaren (Honorary Snowbird), Martina Chapman (Honorary Snowbird), Paul Molnar (Team Extreme, Honorary Snowbird), Mike Hoch (1 CAG Starfighters 1982), Frank Bergnach (SBs 1992-1993), Tim Leslie (Victory Flight Fighter Formation Team), Larry Milberry (Honorary Snowbird), Rick Radell (Honorary Snowbird), Craig Brown (SBs 1999-2001), SB1 Maj Rob Mitchell (SBs 2000-2002, Hornet Solo 1999). Kneeling on wing – SB8 Capt Mark LaVerdiere, SB9 Capt Chris Dallamore, MCpl Grant Forness, MCpl Terry Allain. Standing – SB6 Capt Sean Hanson, SB3 Maj Cory Blakely, SB7 Capt Mike French. Photo by SB PAO Lt (N) Petra Smith.