Book Reviews & Testimonials
The following are among scores of reviews and testimonial messages that have been received concerning the publication of A Tradition of Excellence – Canada’s Airshow Team Heritage:

“The Canadian aviation blockbuster of the year; a spectacular presentation…”
Airforce Magazine
“Magnificent…Clearly a labour of love…”
Mary Lou Finlay
As it Happens CBC Radio

“There is NOTHING like this in existence. Anywhere. Period…An absolutely magnificent accomplishment…”
Christopher J. Terry
President & CEO Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation.

“For aviation enthusiasts, nothing matches the thrill of an airshow: the precision flying, the daring aerobatic manoeuvres and the powerful machinery have drawn thousands of people to Canada's airshows for over 80 years. Of course, the Snowbirds are a household name, but their excellence is drawn from a long tradition of other Canadian teams, from the RCAF's Blue Devils, Golden Hawks and the Golden Centennaires. Former Snowbird Lieutenant Colonel Dan Dempsey's thorough compilation of the history of Canadian air military and civilian teams is collected in 700 pages that are rich in detail of text and enlivened with 1,700 fabulous photographs that make this hefty book a page turner as well as a collector's item …”
The Globe and Mail
“This book is unarguably the definitive history of Canada’s airshow demonstration teams … Dempsey has left no stone unturned researching this book, and the collective stories are all backed up with hundreds of gorgeous illustrations and photographs … This book goes a long way towards promoting the continued tradition of aerial demonstration in Canadian aviation and is an essential addition to the library of any Canadian aviation aficionado …”
Aviator Magazine
“The quality of Dempsey’s book lives up to the Snowbirds’ tradition of excellence… A monumental book sure to gladden the heart of any aircraft buff…”
Sidney Allinson
Victoria Times Colonist

“It’s a wonderful book … a gap in our history now superbly covered. A Tradition of Excellence is a well-researched, well-written, beautifully illustrated book to delight all those who have, over the past 70 years, thrilled to the flawless aerial ballets at countless air shows. For older readers, it will bring back some stirring memories of fast, noisy aircraft doing incredible things close to the ground. For younger readers, it will be an opportunity to delve into the past to see how the air force established those traditions of air show excellence …”
Bob Merrick
COPA Flight

“Outstanding…Highly recommended to our listeners…”
Sterling Faux
Corus Radio Network





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